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I recently received in the mail a set of mini hoop earrings. They came from my sister who was starting a small jewelry business and she wanted me to review some of their products before releasing them to the general public for purchase. I was happy to oblige since I'm a big fan of jewelry and I wanted to help out a family member in their endeavors. Our agreement would be to try the product for a couple of weeks and then write a blog post about it to be posted on her official website.Do you want to learn more? Visit mini hoop earrings.


I chose mini hoop earrings because they were just my style. When it comes to jewelry, I prefer to stick to small and subtle pieces, the ones that I can wear on a daily basis as well as special occasions when I have to dress up. The mini hoop earrings silver that I got is just small enough that I wouldn't be bothered wearing it the whole day. I chose silver because silver perfectly complements that type of natural makeup I tend to sport working at an office. I also appreciated that the earrings come in its own custom box that my sister was gracious enough to provide. I was hoping the box would help me keep these mini hoop earrings from getting lost in my jewelry drawer.



If there was any downside that I could think of about mini hoop earrings, it is that it can become too simple. In formal events, you might need to dress up and put on a little more makeup than you normally would wear. In such cases, more dramatic jewelry is a better choice to compliment the dress and makeup. But other than that, I have no qualms about this product. In fact, I'm thinking of paying for it myself so I get to keep it instead of returning it to my sister.

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